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Cristina RAMO, Eduardo AGUILERA, Jordi FIGUEROLA, Manuel MÁÑEZ and Andy J. GREEN

Long-term population trends of colonial wading birds breeding in Doñanana (SW Spain) in relation to enviromental and anthropogenic factors

Volume 60(2), 2013, 305-326. Research articles.

Alicia MONTESINOS, Frederic SANTOUL and Andy J. GREEN

The diet of the night heron and purple heron in the Guadalquivir Marshes

Volume 55(2), 2008, 161-167. Research articles.

Andy J. GREEN and Mustapha EL HAMZAOUI

Interspecific associations in habitat use between marbled teal and other waterbirds wintering at Sidi Bou Ghaba, Morocco

Volume 53(1), 2006, 99-106. Research articles.

Andy J. GREEN, Cristina FUENTES, Manuel VÁZQUEZ, Covadonga VIEDMA and Natalia RAMÓN

Use of wing tags and other methods to mark Marbled Teal (Marmaronetta angustirostris) in Spain.

Volume 51(1), 2004, 191-202. Research articles.

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