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M. Ángeles ROJO, M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco CAMPOS, Tomás SANTAMARÍA, Susana DIAS and Patricia CASANUEVA

The Iberian Peninsula is an area of infection by Haemoproteus payevskyi and Haemoproteus nucleocondensus for the white-throated dipperCinclus cinclus

Volume 62.2, 2015, 373-382. Short communications.

M. Ángeles ROJO, Francisco CAMPOS, Tomás SANTAMARÍA and M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ

Hemosporidians in Iberian bluethroatas Luscinia svecica

Volume 61.1, 2014, 135-143. Short communications.

M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco CAMPOS, Tomás SANTAMARÍA, Luis CORRALES, M. Ángeles ROJO and Susana DIAS

Genetic differences among iberian white-throated dipper Cinclus cinclus populations based on the cytocrome b sequence

Volume 59(1), 2012, 111-122. Research articles.

Francisco CAMPOS, Tomás SANTAMARÍA, Luis CORRALES and Francisco-José SANTONJA

Morphological and biometric features of male bluethroats Luscinia svecica in central Iberia

Volume 58(2), 2011, 267-276. Research articles.

Francisco CAMPOS, Miguel MIRANDA and Raúl MARTÍN

Importance of Orthoptera in the nestling diet of southern grey shrikes in agricultural areas

Volume 57(2), 2010, 257-265. Research articles.

M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco CAMPOS and David P. PADILLA

Tandem repeats in the mtDNA control region of the southern grey shrike endemic to the Canary Islands.

Volume 57(2), 2010, 437-441. Short communications.


Sexual dimorphism in an insular southern grey shrike subspecies Lanius meridionalis koenigi

Volume 54(2), 2007, 327-330. Short communications.

Juan ARIZAGA, Daniel ALONSO, Francisco CAMPOS, José M. UNAMUNO, Alberto MONTEAGUDO, Graciela FERNÁNDEZ, Xosé M. CARREGAL and Emilio BARBA

Do subspecies of bluethroat Luscinia svecica show a geographic segregation during the autumn migration period in Spain?

Volume 53(2), 2006, 285-291. Research articles.


Differentiation among Spanish southern great shrike Lanius m. meridionalis populations using tandem repeats in mtDNA control region

Volume 53(1), 2006, 107-113. Research articles.

Francisco CAMPOS, Manuel FERNÁNDEZ-CRUZ and Josefina PRÓSPER

Movements of Grey Herons Ardea cinerea to and within the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Island

Volume 48(2), 2001, 209-215. Research articles.

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