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Pablo AYCART and Mario DÍAZ

Low-intensity landscaping of research facilities increased taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic bird diversity in a lowland rainforest

Volume 68.2, 2021, 355-371. Research articles.

Mario DÍAZ, Eulalia MORENO, Juan A. AMAT, Beatriz ARROYO, Emilio BARBA, Jacob GONZÁLEZ-SOLÍS, Paola LAIOLO, Florentino DE LOPE, Santiago MERINO, José Ramón OBESO and Alberto VELANDO

Ardeola, a scientific journal of ornithology: cooperative survivorship within the red queen game

Volume 63.1, 2016, 3-14. Research articles.

Joaquín ORTEGO and Mario DÍAZ

Habitat preference models for nesting Eagle Owls Bubo bubo: How much can be inferred from changes with spatial scale?

Volume 51(2), 2004, 385-394. Research articles.

José Antonio MARTÍNEZ, José Enrique MARTÍNEZ, Íñigo ZUBEROGOITIA, Jesús T. GARCÍA, Roberto CARBONELL, Manuela DE LUCAS and Mario DÍAZ

Environmental impact assessment on raptor populations: difficulties in implementation and a search for solutions

Volume 50(1), 2003, 85-102. Forum.

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