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Francesco CERESA, Eduardo J. BELDA, Mattia BRAMBILLA, Jaime GÓMEZ, Carlos MOMPÓ and Juan S. MONRÓS

Factors shaping breeding phenology in birds: an assessment of two sympatric Acrocephalus warblers with different life histories

Volume 67.2, 2020, 371-385. Research articles.

Mattia BRAMBILLA, Giuseppe MARTINO and Paolo PEDRINI

Changes in song thrush Turdus philomelos density and habitat association in apple orchards during the beeding season

Volume 60(1), 2013, 73-83. Research articles.

Mattia BRAMBILLA and Richard K. B. JENKINS

Cost-effective estimates of water rail Rallus aquaticus breeding population size

Volume 56(1), 2009, 95-102. Research articles.


Rock climbing and Raven Corvus corax ocurrence depress breeding success of cliff-nesting Peregrines Falco peregrinus

Volume 51(2), 2004, 425-430. Research articles.

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