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Breeding success of Cory’s Shearwater in relation to nest characteristics and predation by alien mammals

Volume 69.1, 2022, 115-128. Short communications.

Lucrecia SOUVIRON-PRIEGO, Antonio Román MUÑOZ, Jesús OLIVERO, J. Mario VARGAS and John E. FA

The legal international wildlife trade favours invasive species establishment: the Monk and Ring-necked Parakeets in Spain

Volume 65.2, 2018, 233-246. Research articles.

Raphaël MUSSEAU, Sonia BESLIC and Christian KERBIRIOU

Importance of intertidal wetlands for the French coastal endemic Bluethroat Cyanecula svecica namnetumand conservation implications in the context of global changes

Volume 64.2, 2017, 325-345. Research articles.

Ivana P. ROMERO, Mariano CODESIDO and David N. BILENCA

Nest building by monk parakeets Myiopsitta monachus in urban parks in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Are tree species used randomly?

Volume 62.2, 2015, 323-334. Research articles.

Brian D. PEER

Invasion of the enmperor´s grackle 

Volume 58(2), 2011, 405-409. Forum.

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