The influence of climatic conditions on the productivity of the Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa)

Authors: LUCIO, A. J.

Published: Volume 37(2), December 1990. Pages 207-218.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Influencia de las condiciones climÁticas en la productividad de la Perdiz Roja (Alectoris rufa)

Keywords: Alectoris rufa, NW Iberian Peninsula, reproductive success, precipitation and temperature.


The influence of precipitation and temperature on the reproductive success of Alectoris rufa was studied across 3 altitudinal zones (Mountain, Transition, Plains) in the province of León (NW Iberian Peninsula). Rainfall at the onset of summer (June and July) enhances chick survival, allows for the maintenance of non-cultivated vegetation, and at the same time increases the abundance and mobility of arthropods wich are a basic resource for the development of chicks. However, dry, hot spring weather results in the usurpation of food resources before chicks hatch. This type of dynamics is characteristic of areas with a Mediterranean climate and differs from what has been published in Europa from areas with an Atlantic climate. It is suggested that climatic conditioins may be monitored during this critical period for proper management of the species.

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