Phenology, biometry, and demographic parameters of Melodious Warblers (Hippolais polyglotta) in central Spain

Authors: Ana BERMEJO, Javier DE LA PUENTE and Jesús PINILLA

Published: Volume 49(1), June 2002. Pages 75-86.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Fenología, biometría y parÁmetros demogrÁficos del Zarcero Común (Hippolais polyglotta) en España central

Keywords: biometry, central Spain, Hippolais polyglotta, Melodious Warbler, productivity, return rate, sex-ratio, timing of breeding, timing of migration and timing of moult


We have analysed the migration, reproduction and moult phenology of Melodious Warbler (Hippolais polyglotta) in Central Spain, as well as biometrics, sex-ratio, productivity and return rate of the breeding population. Data were obtained between 1998 and 2000 in two constant effort ringing stations. Spring migration, though weakly registered, takes place between late April and mid May, breeding between late May and late July, and autumn migration starts by mid July in adults and late July for juveniles. Both adults and juveniles undergo a partial moult before migration, between July and first half of August, in which only body feathers are affected, and at less a part of the local population moult in the breeding area. Biometrics is similar to those recorded for other populations. Males have proportionally larger wings than females, as adults than juveniles do. No other differences in biometrics have been observed. Sex-ratio is 1.4 and productivity reaches only 0.3. Adults return rate is 11.3%, and juvenile one is 4.8%.

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