Distribution pattern among Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos and Bonelli`s Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus in the Castellón province

Authors: Pascual LÓPEZ-LÓPEZ, Clara GARCÍA-RIPOLLÉS, Francisco GARCIA-LÓPEZ, José Miguel AGUILAR and José VERDEJO

Published: Volume 51(2), December 2004. Pages 275-283.

Language: English

Keywords: Campbell graphical analysis, G-test, human persecution, interespecific competition, intraspecific competition, nearest neighbor distance, spatial distribution pattern and territoriality.


Aims: Spatial distribution patterns of Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos and Bonelli`s Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus have been analyzed in a sympatric Mediterranean area.

Location: Castellón province and the Teruel border area, in the Maestrazgo region. Methods: The nearest neighbor distance has been taken as an aggregation measure. G-test and complementary Campbell graphical analysis have been used (Table 1).

Results: Both Golden Eagle and Bonelli`s Eagle show G-values larger than 0.65 threshold. According to Campbell graphical analysis, both species showed an aggregated distribution pattern as much as separately as when treated together (Fig. 1-3). Quadratic regression models (with larger r2 in all cases) explained more variance than linear models.

Conclusions: In the study area, four main factors could be influencing on the aggregated distribution pattern found: a non homogeneous resources distribution, competitive interactions existence, conespecifics social attractions and direct and indirect human persecution.

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