Changes in the wintering diet of great cormorant Phalacrocórax carbo (1994 - 2004) in Navarra (Northern Spain): Effects of the reintroduction of aloctone ictiofauna

Authors: Jesús Mari LEKUONA


Published: Volume 54(1), June 2007. Pages 123-129.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Cambios en la composición de la dieta invernal del cormorÁn grande Phalacrocórax carbo (1994 - 2004) en Navarra: Efectos del la introducción de ictiofauna alóctona


This study shows temporal changes on wintering diet of the great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) in Navarra over the last decade (1994 - 2004). Direct observation of birds feeding in different study areas were done over the study period. We show an increase of new aloctone ictiofauna in the wintering diet of this species over the last decade. The results suggest that diet composition of the great cormorant during the winter could be used as a good bioindicator of aquatic ecosystems.

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