Spring stopover of the globally threatened aquatic warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Mediterranean France

Authors: Brigitte POULIN, Emilien DUBORPER, Gaë and tan LEFEBVRE

E-mail: poulin@tourduvalat.org

Published: Volume 57(1), June 2010. Pages 167-173.

Language: English


Mist netting with playback was conducted in five marshes in the Camargue (France) in April-May 2009 to document the use of a Mediterranean route by aquatic warblers during spring migration. Six individuals were captured or observed at three sites. Habitat characteristics corresponded to grazed stands dominated by reed Phragmites australis or to stands within reeds dominated by Juncus, Cladium or Schoenoplectus spp., with 7 - 27 cm water levels and a denser vegetation stratum in the first 55 - 80 cm. Mediterranean studies are needed to identify and promote wetland management compatible with the ecology of this globally threatened species.

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