Insights into the natural history of Todd´s parakeet Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps in north-eastern Colombia


Authors: Esteban BOTERO-DELGADILLO, Carlos Andrés PÁEZ, Jeyson SANABRIA-MEJÍA and Nicholas J. BAYLY


Published: Volume 60(2), December 2013. Pages 377-383.

Language: English


The ecology and natural history of Todd’s parakeet Pyrrhura picta caeruleiceps is scarcely known. We describe some aspects of its habitat use, diet and flight behaviour at two localities in north-eastern Colombia. Our observations indicate that, at least locally, these birds tolerate and frequently use transformed areas. However, their flight patterns (usually near forest canopy) support the idea that long-distance flights would be affected where forest fragmentation occurs at a landscape level, as happens in other congeners. Observations also suggest a second breeding peak for Todd’s parakeet starting from July/August, as seems to occur in other Andean species of Pyrrhura.

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