Ardeola, a scientific journal of ornithology: cooperative survivorship within the red queen game


Authors: Mario DÍAZ, Eulalia MORENO, Juan A. AMAT, Beatriz ARROYO, Emilio BARBA, Jacob GONZÁLEZ-SOLÍS, Paola LAIOLO, Florentino DE LOPE, Santiago MERINO, José Ramón OBESO and Alberto VELANDO


Published: Volume 63.1, June 2016. Pages 3-14.

Language: English

Keywords: authors, citizen science, editors, historical change, impact factor, referees, research topics and scientific societies


Ardeola is the scientific journal of the Spanish Ornithological Society. We analyse historical changes in citation, topics and foreign authorship of articles published in Ardeola from its first publication in 1954 up to last year, 2015, to test to what extent the persistence development of the journal during the last 61 years has been due to support of authors, Society members, readers, editors or the whole ornithological community. Analyses were done within the context of the Red Queen game played by scientific journals competing for the best and more cited articles. The impact factor of Ardeola has increased from 1985 onwards both in absolute and relative terms. Thematic changes have followed trends of the general ornithological literature, without the journal specialising in particular topics or geographical regions. Foreign authorship decreased from 1954 up to the end of the 20th century, subsequently increasing again, a trend fuelled by coverage by Current Contents and the JCR, the establishment of English as the language of publication and recent Internet access though the BioOne platform. Ardeola is a traditional scientific journal, backed by a scientific society, whose future will be guaranteed by a reputation for rigour and quality sought by authors, reviewers and editors, supported by the members of the Spanish Ornithological Society and retaining its original objective: ‘to be a journal at the level of the best…, looking for a strong collaboration with foreign authors to promote the benefit of the Ornithology’.

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